JQuery Introduction

JQuery is a fast, lightweight, and feature-rich JavaScript library that is based on the principle "write less, do more". It is a DOM manipulation library that essentially helps us do many JavaScript tasks much faster and more simply.

It comes with several useful methods for:

  • Selecting/Manipulating/Creating Elements
  • Adding Event Listeners
  • Animating Elements
  • Adding Effects
  • Making HTTP Requests (AJAX)


JQuery has been an amazing library, and involved in the development of many large platforms, including:

  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Mozilla
  • IBM
  • HP
  • Intel
  • Wordpress
  • Django
  • Netflix

JQuery is quite mainstream. So you can undoubtedly see how mainstream and amazing jQuery is!

JQuery was made by John Resig in mid-2006. The jQuery project is at a present run and kept up by a dispersed gathering of designers as an open-source project.


  • It's easy to learn and use
  • Makes DOM manipulation a breeze
  • Has cross-browser support
  • Working with AJAX is easy
  • Lots of knowledge out there if you need help

Tip: In JavaScript, you frequently need to compose a few lines of code to choose a component in an HTML record, yet with jQuery strong selector system you can cross the DOM tree and select elements effectively and proficiently to perform any manipulation.