PHP Introduction

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is an open source server side scripting language mainly used for web development. by scripting language, we mean a program that is script-based(lines of code) written for the automation of tasks.
PHP is open source program which means it's available for free on the web. you can simply make static and dynamic web pages into it.

PHP Files

Every PHP file ends with ".php" file extension.
A PHP file may contain plain text, HTML tags, or code as per the PHP syntax
PHP files run on the server and the browser always returns it a plan html.

Why to use PHP?

  • PHP is a good language for beginners.
  • PHP is free, easy to install and setup. this is the main reason as why php is the best language to learn.
  • PHP handles static as well as dynamic content smoothly.
  • PHP is a very popular language because of its simplicity and open source.
  • Using PHP saves developers a lot of time. Instead of long lines of code, PHP allows simple functions for files, images, calculations, and databases.
  • PHP has a large community document. differnt examples available free over the web.
  • PHP is regulary updated with recent technology trends.

What can I do with PHP?

  • you can generate dynamic web pages with PHP.
  • you can create a beautifull calenders with PHP.
  • you can create beautifull templates and polls with PHP.
  • you can send and recieve cookies to track visitors.
  • you can controll, encrypt and dycrypt private or public data with PHP.
  • you can restrict unauthorized access to your web pages.
  • you can send emails, collect forms data or save data to files, excel sheets and databases.